Shechita kosher slaughter
Shechita kosher slaughter Flash 90

The European Court of Justice has ruled on a Belgian case, involving Flanders and Wallonia laws, that require pre-stunning of animals before slaughter.

In short, the Court says that individual Member State moves to ban kosher slaughter by making stunning a pre-requisite, do not in themselves violate the Freedom of Religion rights contained within the EU charter of Fundamental Rights.

The ruling runs contrary to an opinion given in early September 2020 by the European Court Advocate General who suggested the opposite.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Chairman of the EJA today said his organization will explore every avenue and recourse available to protect the rights of Jews everywhere in Europe,

“This is a sad day for European Jewry. For decades now, as animal rights have come into vogue, Kosher slaughter has come under relentless attack, and subject to repeated attempts to ban it. The entire basis of the attacks are built on the entirely bogus premise that Kosher slaughter is more cruel than regular slaughtering, despite there being not a shred of evidence backing this up, and worse completely ignoring the fact that Kosher slaughter puts the welfare of the animal and minimizing its suffering as of paramount importance. This is not a glib statement, but a commandment that all Jews must adhere to.

“What today’s ruling does is put animal welfare above the fundamental right of Freedom of Religion. Simply put, Beast takes preference over man.

Potentially devastating too, it gives other European countries like Belgium - who similarly regard this fundamental Charter freedom as ‘negotiable - the green light to follow suit. If every European country does it means only one thing: there will be no Kosher meat available in Europe anymore.

“What a terrible message to send to European Jewry, that you and your practices are not welcome here. This is a basic denial of our rights as European citizens. We cannot let it stand and will pursue every recourse and avenue to ensure that it doesn't.”