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US President-elect Joe Biden is expected to receive COVID-19 vaccine as soon as next week, a transition official told CBS News on Wednesday.

Earlier, CNN reported that Biden plans to get his shot in public.

"I don't want to get ahead of the line, but I want to make sure we demonstrate to the American people that it is safe to take," Biden told reporters Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware.

"When I do it, I'll do it publicly, so you can all witness my getting it done," he added.

Biden recently said in an interview that he will be "happy to" get a coronavirus vaccine and will get it publicly to demonstrate his confidence in it.

"That's the moment in which I will stand before the public" and get the vaccine, Biden said. "People have lost faith in the ability of the vaccine to work. Already the numbers are really staggeringly low, and it matters what the President and Vice President do."

Meanwhile, the White House said in a statement that Vice President Mike Pence will receive the coronavirus vaccine on Friday.

According to Axios, Pence plans to receive his vaccine on camera in order to build "vaccine confidence" among the American people.

An administration official with direct knowledge of the plans told the website that details are still being worked out, but Pence wants the TV networks to carry the moment live in order to maximize the audience for the vaccination.

The vice president will be joined by second lady Karen Pence and Surgeon General Jerome Adams, the report said.

Earlier this week it was reported that President Donald Trump, Pence and other top US officials will be offered the newly approved COVID-19 vaccine as part of a plan aimed at ensuring the continuity of government.

Trump later clarified that White House employees would receive the vaccine somewhat later in the program, unless specifically necessary.

“I am not scheduled to take the vaccine, but look forward to doing so at the appropriate time. Thank you!” he wrote on Twitter.