Nikki Haley
Nikki HaleyEsti Dezibov/TPS

The DiploTech Global Summit, hosted by Liz Claman, Fox News Anchor, spearheaded by Ambassador Danny Danon and attended by Ambassador Nikki Haley as well as the H.E. David Kabua, President of the Marshall Islands, H.E. Pedro Brolo Vila, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guatemala and H.E. E.P Chet Green, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Immigration, Antigua and Barbuda, in addition to tech experts, was viewed by a global audience.

The first diplomatic-technology summit was rife with comments from world leaders, policy makers and Israeli tech innovators on the world moving beyond COVID, collaborations between nations, Israeli technology and the wider political scene.

In an exclusive conversation with Ambassador Danny Danon, Ambassador Nikki Haley pointed out that China needed to be called to account for COVID by the world community and called on the world to get vaccinated, specifying that although the process was fast the same rigorous testing has been adhered to with the COVID vaccine. She praised Israel for its technology and innovation and the Trump administration for the turnaround that we are witnessing through the normalization agreements where Arab countries are recognizing the importance of a partnership with Israel.

On other items, she spoke about how the world still does not know the real truth about the Palestinian Arab refugees under the UNRWA framework and she called out the UN for its untruthful Israel bashing. Ambassador Haley referred to the futility of the Iran deal and how Iran has no intention to bring peace to the Middle East. She also raised concerns about Biden’s intentions to reinstate a deal that doesn’t work.

Ambassador Danny Danon said: “Israel is proving that it continues to be the startup nation when it comes to technology. The world is recognizing that Israel has a lot to offer in the way of innovation and partnerships from agritech and watertech to healthtech and cyber security. We welcome global partners to discuss post-COVID solutions to help change our lives for the better today, and help build the world of tomorrow.”

Ambassador Nikki Haley said: “We all know the research, innovation and technology that comes out of Israel. The world knows how smart Israel is, now it's time to collaborate and really use the technology for good. The Arab countries now want to normalize relations with Israel also. They now know that a partnership with Israel is good for them. That a partnership with Israel will bring additional technology, additional innovation, additional friends and additional partnerships in the fight against Iran and terrorism.”