'Science will win': Pfizer
'Science will win': Pfizer iStock

Former Health Ministry Director Professor Yoram Lass today responded to remarks by Health Minister Yuli Edelstein regarding COVID-19 vaccine efficacy, telling Arutz Sheva: "There is no vaccine approval. There is emergency vaccine approval. In an emergency vaccine, it is mandatory to go straight to the at-risk population."

Professor Lass continued: "Vaccinate nursing homes in the U.S. and the elderly, and prove that there is a decrease in mortality and serious morbidity. In practice, they tested only 1,500 aged 75+ people out of 44,000 experimented on.

“There is no convincing evidence that mortality has dropped for the simple reason that no one died from COVID-19 in Pfizer’s entire sample. Not even in the placebo group that actually got nothing.

“In the 'terrible' raging plague, the placebo group should have had many people dead from COVID-19 (not from a heart attack...)”

Professor Lass concluded: “As mentioned, the placebo group had zero COVID-19 deaths. So either there is no plague, or they tested the wrong population.”

Regarding Moderna's vaccine, the FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation document claims a 66% reduction in transmissions based on 52 people, that is, "14 in the vaccine group and 38 in the placebo group".

The Health Minister was addressing the Knesset Labor, Welfare, and Health Committee, to present Committee Members with an overview of the government COVID-19 vaccination program, due to commence next week.

He said: “I am absolutely confident in the safety of the vaccines. They have been tested in every possible way.... I am completely satisfied that things are proceeding exactly as they should.”

The testimony comes amid government concerns over polls showing up to 75% of Israelis unwilling to chance the new COVID-19 vaccine.

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