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For people whose main source of news and views is TikTok, Kevin Morgan, Head of TikTok’s Product & Process in Europe, has good news for you. “We moved quickly to provide our community with trusted information,” he wrote on Tuesday. “We knew our community would have lots of questions about the virus … and we believe it’s essential to provide the TikTok community with access to authoritative information.”

Morgan describes several innovations introduced over the course of the year, to enable easy access to “trusted sources … such as the World Health Organization and the British Red Cross.” TikTok now has an in-app notice for people looking for coronavirus hashtags, linking them to helpful sites, as well as an information hub, that “we are updating … so that when people search for vaccine information, they will be directed to trusted information from respected experts.”

Morgan describes TikTok’s goal as “inspiring creativity and bringing joy.” As such, he describes himself as being committed to foiling the efforts of “a small minority of people who will try to use our platform to share content that goes against our policies … We already have policies in place that prohibit misinformation that could cause harm to an individual's health or broader public safety. This includes taking action to remove misinformation about the vaccine. Our moderation teams continue to do critical work to keep harmful content off TikTok.

“Scientists all over the world are posting video updates on TikTok,” he adds. “This team of public health heroes will be answering all kinds of questions from the public, from what steps go into building a vaccine to how they test them for safety - helping the TikTok community keep up to date on the latest Coronavirus vaccine news.”

In short, Morgan is committed to “keeping TikTok safe for creative expression throughout the pandemic.”

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