MK Tehila Friedman (Blue and White), a member of the Knesset Immigration and Absorption Committee, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the importance of the Jews in the Diaspora.

Commenting on her speech at the Knesset last week, Friedman said her remarks came from her heart “and also from almost 17 years of working in this field. I started as an adviser to Natan Sharansky when he was Minister for Diaspora Affairs, and ever since the Jewish people are a big part of my professional life and my heart.”

“Connections with Diaspora Jewry are very important to me, and somehow to reconnect or to get over the rift that is getting deeper and deeper and is, from my perspective, a real danger both to the State of Israel and to the Jewish people,” she added.

Friedman recently passed what she refers to as “The Consultation Law” which says that “whenever the Israeli government makes a decision that has a direct impact on Diaspora Jewry – and I emphasize the words direct impact’ because you can say everything has an impact – we have to consult with the representation of the Jewish people.”

“I’m not talking about things that have to do with Israel’s economy or security,” she explained. “That’s only for citizens to decide. But Jewish questions such as the Kotel, such as conversion, such as who’s a Jew – why not consult?”

Friedman stressed that she’d like Diaspora Jews to have a voice but “they can’t have a vote. They need to have a voice but they don’t need to make the decision, because only Israeli citizens can decide on Israeli law. But we need to take them into account. We can’t talk about them without them.”

The reaction to the legislation has been both positive but has also raised many questions, she said, so she is currently “in the process of consultations about the consultation. Legislation is a process and I’m very open to hear opinions and to get as many people in this dialogue, because if I talk the talk, I need to walk the walk. If I believe in consultations, I need to consult about the consultations.”