Doctors' Program
Doctors' ProgramIsrael Experience

Fifty doctors from European countries arrived in Israel this week in order to assist with the country's management of the coronavirus crisis.

The doctors arrived within the framework of the Doctors' Program within the Israel Experience, also coordinated by Rambam hospital in Haifa. They will be working within both civilian and military settings.

The Doctors' Program includes preparation for Israeli medical licensing tests and classes in the Hebrew language. Participants of the program intend to make Aliyah at the end of the year. To date, 700 graduates have been integrated into hospitals and various medical wards, including coronavirus wards, across the country.

One of the participants in the program, Dr. Alexander Sivka, aged 24, from Novosibirsk, said: "I salute Israel’s handling of the pandemic and feel at home here despite COVID-19. I hope to contribute to the health system during these unsettling times."

Commenting on the arrival of another fifty doctors, Avi Wiseman, Deputy Director of Rambam hospital, said, "We see all those taking part in this program as a ray of hope, both for Israeli society and the medical system. The odds of success in this program are historically high and this stems from two reasons. Firstly, the participants have been carefully selected and we found each and every one of them to be exceptional doctors. Secondly, the program has had a lot of thought put into it. That is what makes this program so successful."

Amos Hermon, CEO of the Israel Experience, added that, "This project brings not only the brightest of Jews to Israel but also assists in solving the duress the medical system finds itself under, as it lacks the necessary and high-quality manpower. At the end of the course, the doctors will be joining medical teams here, lending a helping hand to those in need, thus keeping Israel in its prime place in terms of medical treatment in the world. Due to the high demand, we are working tirelessly to double the number of participants by the next expected class."