Joe Biden following his election victor
Joe Biden following his election victorReuters

According to a new poll conducted for Fox News after the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential elections, American citizens are experiencing a wide variety of emotions ranging from a sense of hope to one of despair.

Following widespread allegations of voter fraud and meddling with results, 55% of respondents described themselves as “confused.” 67% of those polled said they felt “full of hope,” and 59% felt a sense of “relief.” And a majority of those polled – 52% - said that their main emotion was one of “excitement.”

On the negative side, 51% of respondents said they were “fearful” of the future, and 49% said their main feeling following the elections was one of “anger.” 39% of respondents expressed themselves even more forcefully, saying that they felt “depressed” at the election results, an extremely high number.

Fox News noted an upward trend in reports of anger, confusion, and fear of around ten percent, which does not bode well for the future of American society. The divisions between those supporting the two political parties are as stark as ever, with 90% of Democratic voters describing themselves as “hopeful” as regards the future, and 87% describing a sense of “relief” at the election results. By contrast, among Republican voters, 67% described themselves as “angry,” 60% said their main emotion was one of “fear,” and 59% responded that they were “confused” at the election’s results.