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The time has come for you to sell your car, trading it in might be more seamless but selling your car yourself might yield more value. Doing this on your own might seem like a complicated process, but once you get familiar with the baseline knowledge about what goes into it, the process is user friendly, even for beginners. There are tools at your disposal online that can guide you through the steps and help to ensure that you not only have the process buttoned up, but that you get top dollar for your car as well. Understanding the language surrounding a sale as the seller, and as it will pertain to your buyer, will make you feel more confident to do it yourself.

Attractive Advertising

The very first thing a potential buyer will notice about your ad is the photos, if the photos are not attractive, nobody will even bother to read the description. You do not need an expensive camera to take these pictures, just a clean car and an uncluttered background will produce ideal results. If a professional were to give a how to guide for each step of selling your car to describe how it works, good, clear, photographs would be a top recommendation. Following that, a thorough description is going to set your ad apart from other sellers. Do not be scared to be up front with any issues your specific vehicle may have, buyers do not expect a used car to be flawless, just be aware of the language you use to depict these flaws so that buyers can be informed but not completely turned off.

Maximize Exposure

One huge perk associated with selling your car yourself is you get to control where you post the ads, and there are so many options available now. Print ads have basically become a thing of the past, so save the paper and go digital. Ecommerce websites like Craigslist have options for both free, and paid ads, and the outreach is going to be way larger than a print ad would be anyways. Social media is another reputable resource for selling and buying used vehicles. Other sites like eBay have solid and longstanding reputations for protecting both buyers and sellers during this process, so as a first timer, that insurance might make the process feel like less of a risk for you. Reach out to friends and family and take advantage of your personal network. Nobody is ever going to randomly ask you if you are selling your car, so let people know that you are looking to, and to help spread the word.

Determine Pricing

Establishing a sale price for your vehicle is probably not going to just come to you, it will require some research on your part. You want to start high but remain competitive and not start so high that it turns away buyers. If you have tried to trade in your car, then you already know what a dealer would pay you for it, so start with a number slightly north of that, since dealers notoriously low ball their offers. Expect negotiations. A good and bad thing about your ad reaching many people, is many offers, and you will have to weed through the viable ones and the ones that simply do not deserve consideration. At the end of the day, you get the final say, so go into it knowing in your head the absolute minimum price you will accept and take the temperature of each real offer you receive, understand your bottom line and hold to it, but do not drag the process out or lose a real buyer over a few dollars.