Moshe Lion lights candles at the Little Western Wall
Moshe Lion lights candles at the Little Western Wall Spokesperson

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion on Sunday evening lit the fourth candle of Hanukkah at the “Little Western Wall”, which is a continuation of the Western Wall and is located in the revitalized Jewish Quarter of the Old City.

Lion was the guest of Mati Dan, chairman of the Ateret Cohanim association, who said that "the Western Wall is a testimony to the fact that the Shechinah never moved from Israel, while the fact that you, the mayor, come to us every year to light Hanukkah candles is a testament to how much you love the city, and how much you love holiness.”

Ateret Cohanim gave Lion the honor of lighting the candles.

The mayor said during the event that he is excited to light the menorah at the Little Western Wall every year and noted that the municipality is making great efforts to keep the holy places in Jerusalem, including the Little Western Wall, clean.