Yedidya Chaim & Elyashiv Yungreis z"l
Yedidya Chaim & Elyashiv Yungreis z"l Courtesy of their family

Yedidya Chaim and Elyashiv Yungreis, aged six and nine years, were brought to rest on Saturday night after being killed in a horrific vehicle collision on Highway 1 on Friday. The burial was at Har Hamenuchot in Jerusalem.

Their father, Yaakov, spoke at the funeral: “Tell the Master of the World to give us the strength to continue to live with the happiness that we once had,” he said, addressing his young sons. “We are now in the middle days of Hanukkah, and we all know the song about driving away darkness with the light that each person provides. G-d gave us, the Jewish People, a mission to light up the darkness of this world – to light up this world with spirituality according to the path He showed us,” he added.

“Master of the World, You know how much we invested to bring up these pure souls, our children. Their light will continue to illuminate this world. Go, my sons, before the Heavenly Throne and ask G-d to give us the ability to continue to rejoice in our holy mission.”

Recalling the first night of Hanukkah this year, the boys’ father related tearfully: “Just last Thursday, we were dancing on the balcony with such emotion and feeling. You were so excited at the dreidels and the surprises your mother and I prepared for you. May you take all this rejoicing with you above to Heaven and intercede for us, who remain here below, that we should be able to withstand this terrible challenge we have been given.”

In his concluding words, the boys’ father spoke of how, “Every night, we recited the Shema prayer together with all our children, and if your little sister Talya hadn’t fallen asleep yet, Elyashiv would sing ‘Hamalach Hagoel Oti’ to her. Yedidya – go with Elyashiv, hand in hand. You have grandfathers and grandmothers from both sides of the family already in Heaven – embrace them and show them the way forward.”

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