Arutz Sheva is visiting Dubai this week and met Muslim peace activist Loay Alshareef who lives in both the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and is currently working on promoting the newly-established Abraham Accords between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan.

Alshareef, who makes his knowledge of the Hebrew language apparent from the beginning of the interview, says he will do "whatever is necessary to promote peace between the Jewish people and Arab world."

The pro-peace activist urges patience on the part of Israelis visiting the Emirates who may still feel a level of antagonism directed towards them. "People here absorbed anti-Israel propaganda [since the establishment of the State of Israel]," he says. "Some are reluctant [to accept the newly-established peaceful coexistence with our Jewish neighbors] so my role is to familiarize them with the facts about Israel and the Jews, and at the same time get Israelis familiar with the UAE because at the end of the day, it's better for our region..."

"Most people in the UAE have a high level of trust in their leaders, so it's been easy for them to accept the new reality, but the Arab public - which has been influenced by more than 70 years of anti-Israel propaganda - is taking longer to come to terms with the situation," says Alshareef when asked about the local reaction to the accords. "But these is progress," he asserts.

The activist expresses his hope the Emirates will become the most popular destination for Israeli tourists and says open dialogue is the best way towards true peace. "I've always said that if we focus on just 10% of all the things we share in common, we would solve so much...," he says, adding that, "Israelis have absolutely nothing to fear here. They should feel like this is their second home."

"God created us to live in peace, harmony, and prosperity," says Alshareef. "That's what we should do."

"InshaAllah (God willing) I hope to visit Israel and visit places like Jerusalem and T'koa where the prophets lived, and make a YouTube series about these places," he says. "This will send a very strong message to people, telling them that the Jewish people have lived [there] for 3,000 years and some of their prophets are ones we happen to believe in as well."

Loay Alshareef with Yoni Kempinsi in Dubai
Loay Alshareef with Yoni Kempinsi in DubaiArutz Sheva