Hendel in Gush Etzion
Hendel in Gush EtzionCourtesy

Yesterday (Tuesday) Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel from the Derech Eretz Party toured in Gush Etzion along with Regional Council Head Shlomo Ne'eman. The minister visited various focal points in the Gush.

After meeting with Ne'eman, Hendel along with members of his party, toured the Deer Park Farm. He also visited a nature reserve in memory of the "Three Boys," and an Ohr Torah Stone Yeshiva. He also toured Herodium, and finished his day by meeting with the heads of the various Gush communities.

During his visit Hendel said, "Gush Etzion is part of the Israeli consensus. There is a connection here between the past, present, and future." I would like to thank Shlomo Ne'eman for the tour. I was very impressed by the development taking places in all areas of the Gush. We will continue to develop Gush Etzion. We promised to provide high-speed Internet, and fiber optics, and we are working on this full force."

He added, "I'm happy to be here. We are here to create employment, growth and prosperity and at the same time to preserve the history of this special place."

Ne'eman responded saying: "We praise Minister Hendel for his visit. Usually the word "communication" tries to divide us, but here we see the actions taken by the minister who has worked to bring together the hearts of Jews in all parts of the country."

He also said, "Adding communications infrastructure in Gush Etzion is equivalent to de facto sovereignty. Until we bring full national sovereignty, the residents here can live on par with 21 century standards."

Ohr Torah Stone Head Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander said: "We are pleased that Minister Yoaz Hendel chose to visit the Ohr Torah Stone Machanaim Yeshiva and are happy that our students are exposed to people who represent diverse opinions throughout the nation of Israel. Discourse and dialogue between different sections of our people teaches us not only about our differences, but also shows us what unites us together towards a better future."