Anatoly Viktorov
Anatoly ViktorovPhoto by Meir Vaaknin/Flash90

Russian ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov criticized the State of Israel, calling the Jewish State one of the central problems in the Middle East. In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Viktorov said that "the problem in the Middle East is not Iranian activities" but Israel's "noncompliance" with international resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In his opinion, Iran did not violate the 2015 nuclear agreement at all, but the United States has walked away from it. Viktorov also expressed his displeasure the results of the Abraham Accords and their impact on Israeli-Palestinian Authority relations.

"We believe that the Palestinian issue and the settlement issue must be resolved. They cannot be replaced by the Abraham Accords. The problems still exist and endanger not only the residents of the area but many people around the world," he said.

The Russian ambassador also accused Israel of aggression on its northern border. "The Israelis are attacking Hezbollah. Hezbollah is not attacking Israel," Viktorov claimed, referring to the bombing of convoys of terrorist organizations that included weapons that were being smuggled to be used against the Jewish State. He also claimed that there is no evidence at all that Hezbollah built the terrorist tunnels which were dug under the Israel-Lebanon border.