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Turns out my neighbor up the road never heard about the Hunter/Joe Biden scandal that weeks ago was all the rage on the New York Post, and later Fox News.

That’s the one where Hunter allegedly served as bagman for himself and his dad off money scooped up from China, Ukraine and Russia.

“How come you didn’t know?” I asked this neighbor.

“Never heard of it,” he said proudly. “I don’t read the Post. I only read the Times, and I never watch Fox News.”

If he knew the story, would he still have voted for Biden?

“It would have been something to consider.”

Yes, it would…and I read somewhere that more than 60 percent who voted never heard of it, either.

Nor were they aware of the anti-Israel characters Biden is filling his cabinet…from a pool of Democrats now famous for their tolerance of anti-Semites.

Israel is properly bracing for a Biden administration as if a tsunami is looming.

Nor were voters hip to the fact that it was Nancy Pelosi who refused to sign on for a stimulus bill for millions of impoverished Americans…because it might help Donald Trump.

Makes you wonder what else they don’t know when all they read is The New York Times, all they watch is CNN, and all they believe is Big Media…CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR.

Together those broadsheet and broadcast titans are determined to keep most of America dancing in the Suppressing the news…burying the story…welcome to the New Journalism…as we see CNN chief Jeff Zucker instruct his staff to ignore the Hunter/Joe scandal…nor to “humanize” Trump.
dark. This is after Big Media descends its Iron Curtain.

At what point do people get corrupted? I ask as someone who used to be proud of his role in journalism. I know the business…read this…and can’t remember it ever being this shoddy.

Suppressing the news…burying the story…welcome to the New Journalism…as we seeCNN chief Jeff Zucker instruct his staff to ignore the Hunter/Joe scandal…nor to “humanize” Trump.

Same goes at The New York Times under Dean Baquet. Same all over.

They do it with no regret, no shame. The news is theirs to fiddle. The bosses? They actually tell their staffers to deceive and to lie. The staffers? They are just “following orders” – and where have we heard that before?

The trick is to dish Americans with spoonsfuls of one-sided information, in order to keep us illiterate, or barefoot and pregnant, as they would say in the hills of Kentucky. Then, speaking of the Bible Belt, there must be some broken-hearted reporters remorseful enough to fess up for the sins of dirty reportage.

In their hearts they know they are wrong.

I’ve written a hundred columns on this, on media mendacity, even poured it all into this book, mainly on media bias against Israel, but election finagling is yet another plunge.

The other day, I made the mistake of tuning into ABC-TV. The reporter said, “President Trump continues his made-up stories about election fraud.”

Reporters now have license to interpret straight news. ..while disputing everything the President says.

Fact-checking was never done on the spot. Only after all the facts were in.

So next question…does anybody know that for the first time in ages it is relatively calm in the Middle East as to Israel and its neighbors, and that domestically, we are energy independent?

Trouble is, those were largely Trump (and Netanyahu) successes and therefore made no sound. The media would rather cover-up than cover a rightful story.

So no wonder nobody knows nothin’.

How do they sleep at night, these people who hide the news, or give the news so crooked aforethought? Do they go home at night and say to themselves, “Job well done?”

Or do they have a conscience that awakens them at night with nightmares over “What have I done? What am I doing?”

Besides Bari Weiss, who left the NY Times in disgust, and a few others, who else comes to decry the cynical rot decaying today’s newsrooms?

Check out Sodom to find out what happens when even 10 righteous persons can’t be found.

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Abraham Sees Sodom in FlamesJames Tissot

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