Netanyahu tries cultured meat
Netanyahu tries cultured meatKobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Aleph Farms in Rehovot Monday morning, which specializes in the production of cultured meat that does not require the use of – or harm to – animals. The State of Israel is a world leader in food tech and has been responsible up until now for the launch of over 50 local start-ups in the food substitutes sector.

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated during his visit: "Meat is a major part of pollution in the world. In order to have a cut of regular meat, one needs a cow and use so much pasturage with waste, pollution and investment of energy, and here they do this directly. Now it will take a little time until this morsel will be profitable and not cost so much, but it will happen."

"I have now directed Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman to appoint someone to integrate all these industries in order to join, and deal with, all of the relevant elements. Israel will be a major power in alternative meat, alternative protein," he added.

Upon tasting one of Aleph Farm's culturally-grown slices of meat, Netanyahu called the morsel "unbelievable, tasty with compassion. There is no difference here."

Prime Minister Netanyahu asked the Prime Minister's Adviser on Animal Rights Tal Gilboa also to taste the cultured meat. She agreed and said: "This is technology that will save millions of animals in the world and assist in preventing the slaughtering process, with the accompanying pollution. This is the future in the field of alternative protein and I thank you Mr. Prime Minister for the action on this subject."

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to a question on whether Israel is headed toward a third lockdown:

"We will bring a solution because we are already on the way. The vaccines are actually on the way. We see the light at the end of the pandemic and we will solve this. This must be done prudently. I said yesterday that I would not hesitate to add or re-impose restrictions. The earlier we do so, the more we will reduce the duration of the restrictions, but this will be later today."