David Fine
David FineCourtesy of David Fine

Diaspora Affairs Minister Omer Yankelevich (Blue & White) met on Sunday with representatives of “The Anglo Vision,” who are opposed to her intention to submit legislation that would require the government to consult with Diaspora Jewry on various issues that potentially affect them as Jews living in the wider world.

The Anglo Vision is an initiative that was begun by David Fine and is designed to unite English-speaking communities in Israel. Its members have expressed their opposition to Yankelevich’s plan, arguing that it is based on mistaken assumptions and that it should be removed from the government’s agenda.

“Many of those opposed to the plan are not necessarily members of The Anglo Vision, but they still feel that if this legislation passes, it will give too much weight and even preference to the views of Jews living outside Israel, over those who have moved here, served in the IDF, pay taxes to the Israeli government, and contribute to daily life in Israel,” Fine explains.

According to him, “This piece of legislation could lead to a situation in which the future of the State is being plotted by those who don’t even live within its borders.”

During their meeting, representatives of The Anglo Vision described some of their recent initiatives to Minister Yankelevich, and mentioned some of the proposals they had received from a number of members, including holding a “long weekend” several times a year, investing greater efforts in promoting aliyah and absorption, enhancing the relationship between Jews living in Israel and those living abroad, and providing greater assistance for immigrants who want to enter the job market.

Minister Yankelevich professed herself to be very impressed with The Anglo Vision, and said that she intended to attempt to implement a number of their suggestions. She added that she would be seriously considering enlisting the services of The Anglo Vision’s members in order to enhance connections between the Jews of Israel and those in the Diaspora.

Summarizing the meeting, David Fine noted that: “The minister understood the great importance of advancing these projects that are so critical to English-speakers living in Israel, and we are delighted that she expressed an interest in our serving as a bridge between Jews in Israel and those abroad. In fact, this meeting was just one of many that we have been holding with government representatives in recent months, and we hope to hold many more.”