Lapid during Knesset speech
Lapid during Knesset speechYaniv Nadav/Knesset spokesman

Opposition leader Yair Lapid spoke with Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad on Radio 103FM and addressed the split in the center-left camp.

"The state of Israel is undergoing one protracted disaster, both from an administrative and ethical point of view. I don't see the government falling without Yesh Atid taking a part in the process so everyone needs to unite. The way Blue and White gave in to Likud didn't do them any credit. The government has no chance of saving the economy," he stated.

Blue and White responded saying, ''Lapid never presented an alternative for [Netanyahu] and he never will. He has no chance of forming a government. Instead of using all his time and energy to spread hatred against us, he would be better off taking a hard look in the mirror to try and understand why none of his colleagues want to see him leading the country."

Lapid was interviewed on Channel 12 News last Thursday and said Yesh Atid could present an alternative to the current coalition if joined by other parties.

"I head the largest party in the bloc, and in the end, everyone in the bloc unites," said Lapid, who added that in recent years he has made more political connections than others.

"I would like to run with [Moshe] Ya'alon. We are in the process of organizing the joint campaign," said the opposition leader, adding, "I have collaborated with Bennett in the past and there is no reason why we should not cooperate again in the future. I am ready to join anyone who wants to rebuild the economy and fight the coronavirus, because I believe that enlarging the party is the only way to win."

"The next government will be different," Lapid stated. "The old statements will be erased because the next government will deal mainly with two areas: Economy and health. I have always chosen what is good for the State of Israel." Asked what he thought about the government's response to the current crisis, he replied, "I heard Netanyahu's absurd remarks yesterday. The countries he referred to were ones where you can shut down the airport and eradicate the disease.” Lapid insisted such a scenario couldn't have taken place in Israel even if "ugly politics weren’t running the country."

"I welcome the vaccine's arrival in Israel, but it must be remembered that the government is a disaster in the making when it comes to the economy and the state," he said. "The country must be opened in a smart way and the traffic light plan must be followed – without dismantling the economy."

Lapid claimed that 200 businesses shut down every day, "which are in essence 200 families," and added, "Everyone should be united into one large centrist party that will give Likud a fight for its money."

The Likud issued a response, "After Lapid says Prime Minister Netanyahu won't deliver vaccines, Netanyahu immediately brings millions to Israel - while Lapid continues babbling in the studios."

The previous day, Lapid announced he was open to restoring the alliance between Yesh Atid, Telem, and Blue and White – so long as he leads the joint ticket.

Speaking with Radio 103FM Wednesday morning, Lapid said that despite the breakup of the alliance earlier this year when Blue and White joined the governing coalition, he is open to renewing his cooperation with party heads.

“If we run together with Blue and White, I’ll head the list, because Yesh Atid is currently twice their size,” said Lapid, referring to recent surveys showing his party polling in the mid-to-high teens, while Blue and White has fallen below double digits in most polls.

“I cleared the way for Gantz [to lead the joint list] when he had the largest party. Such an alliance could take the election.”