Delta Air Lines plane
Delta Air Lines planeiStock

An Orthodox Jewish woman was thrown off a domestic flight in the United States last Wednesday after the company claimed she prayed without wearing a mask according to the rules.

The incident happened on a Delta flight that took off from Chicago to New York and was first published on the Yeshiva World News website.

The woman on the other hand denies the claims and says she was a victim of anti-Semitism. According to her, the flight attendant did not allow her to show that she was wearing the mask as required and that, from the moment she bowed her head towards the prayer book she was reprimanded by the flight attendants who started yelling at her.

According to the report, a number of Orthodox Jews who were on the flight tried to intervene and assist but were stopped by the flight attendants.

According to the woman, after she was reprimanded she asked the flight attendant for her name and in response was ordered to get off the plane and was threatened with a permanent ban from Delta flights if she resisted.

She also said that as she got off the plane, one of the flight attendants told her, "you and prayer book can get off."

Delta was asked to respond to the report by Yeshiva World News, but so far no response has been received.