IDF relief mission to Honduras
IDF relief mission to HondurasIDF Spokesman

For the past three days, IDF Home Front Command and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aid delegation has been assisting cities in northwestern Honduras that were struck by the two hurricanes that blew through Central America, together with senior officials from Honduras.

The Government of Honduras requested the aid delegation of the HFC in light of the accumulated knowledge of the State of Israel and specifically of the HFC in dealing with emergency situations.

Honduran President Juan Orlando tweeted in gratitude: "It is not necessary to speak the same language. The language of solidarity is universal. Thanks to the mission of the brotherly people of Israel that, in addition to assessing the damage caused by the storms, carries a message of hope to our people!"

Directed by the Minister of Defense, MK Benny Gantz, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, MK Gabi Ashkenazi, the delegation arrived in Honduras on Wednesday. As part of the assistance, the delegation used professional technological equipment that has been developed in Israel over the past few years. The aid delegation charted the disaster areas, and their activities are concentrated on the cities which suffered the most damage.

IDF HFC in Honduras
IDF HFC in HondurasIDF Spokesman

The delegation is providing emergency response to the populations in the affected areas, hand in hand with local volunteers, while following the regulations put in place to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Tal Itzhakov, Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative: "The Israeli aid delegation has been concentrating its efforts to assist residents of the area to return to their daily routine after being struck by the hurricane, as well as training the Honduran emergency troops in dealing with disaster situations".

The Commanding Officer of the National Rescue Unit, Col. (res.) Golan Vach: "The members of the delegation are reservists, experts in their fields with experience from similar situations that they have dealt with around the world over the past few years. Therefore, they perform their activities while equipped with technological gear in order to give their best response in their aid mission. The State of Israel and the Home Front Command will continue to assist in the aftermath of any disaster around the world that requires its experience and capabilities."

IDF mission lands in Honduras
IDF mission lands in HondurasIDF Spokesman
IDF hurricane relief to Honduras
IDF hurricane relief to HondurasIDF Spokesman