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For the first time ever, women are going global, with a Yud-Tes Kislev celebration, to experience the enriching climate and beauty of Tanya's philosophies.

The mission statement of Tanya, "It is very close to you..." takes on new meaning today, more than ever:
...With today's technology everyone has fingertip access to the infinite wealth which Chassidic philosophy offers.
...and standing in the year 2020 we are closer than anyone can imagine, we are in the year of - 5781 Tof Shin Pei Aleph- of the Hebrew calendar- the year of “pla'os arenu!” - “wonders I will show!”
The wonders are about to unfold - they are already unfolding - we just have to be discerning viewers.

The theme of the event is “Geulah 2020: Envision a New Reality.” Indeed, we need 2020 vision to see the wonders of 5781 (and 2021)!

By joining forces, as an international community of Jewish women, we create a powerful new entity, a gigantic kahal. Together we can accomplish what we cannot achieve as separate communities: the Geula klalis which includes every Jew wherever they may be!

This event will livestream on, -

and Chazak Hotline (718)-258-2008

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