Gaza's "Interior Ministry" announced a series of new measures in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus Thursday.

Speaking at a press conference, "Interior Ministry" spokesman Iyad al-Bazem publicized the move.

He also said that on other days of the week, residents would not be allowed to leave their homes from 6:30 pm, with all stores and national institutions closing their doors at 6 pm.

Government-run markets will also remain closed to visitors, and preventive measures will be enforced in communal marketplaces to prevent overcrowding. Existing bans on group celebrations and mourning tents will continue to apply.

According to a report by the "Palestinian Ministry of Health," 827 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Gaza over the past 24 hours, to go along with four deaths.

In PA-controlled territories, nine individuals died of Corona-related complications, and 1,911 new virus cases were confirmed.

Altogether,74 patients are hospitalized in intensive care, 17 of which are connected to ventilators. The recovery rate is 76.1%, the active cases rate is 23.1% and the mortality rate is 0.8%.

On Nov. 23, ILTV News reported that while Hamas continued to barrage Israeli citizens with missiles, Gaza was experiencing a significant surge in virus infections, with local hospitals expected to fill up in the near future.

One source said 79 of Gaza's 100 ventilators were already in-use, and that health authorities would no longer be able to manage the crisis within a week's time.