Treating the coronavirus
Treating the coronavirusiStock

Health Ministry Director General Prof. Hezi Levi delivered a briefing to journalists Thursday evening on the recent increase in coronavirus cases in Israel.

"There is an increase in morbidity in the general sector as well. We are seeing more red cities and more yellow cities. 26 red cities and 28 yellow cities are responsible for 40% of the morbidity," Prof. Levi said.

Prof. Levi said that all restrictions are being considered, including the possibility of imposing a lockdown over Hanukkah and even a night curfew. "We are definitely considering whether to move forward in the six-step plan, and whether or not to move - in the worst-case scenario - backwards."

On the issue of the coronavirus vaccines which Israel is expected to begin receiving next month, Prof. Levi said: "We are now preparing to receive vaccines against the coronavirus and are completing the work with a large number of experts regarding the order of priority for the vaccine, and are preparing to receive the vaccines that will arrive in the next wave in logistics and transportation."

"At the same time, even though it gives some room for optimism, we must not be complacent. We must continue to behave properly with masks, hygiene and distance. It can be to our detriment," Prof. Levy stressed.