Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke this evening, Wednesday, following the approval in preliminary reading of the bills to dissolve the Knesset.

"On such dramatic days, we should not go to the polls. The people of Israel want unity and not elections, they want vaccines and not election broadcasts. What we learned from the coronavirus is that the virus does not differentiate between right and left, between Jews and Arabs. The only way to beat the coronavirus is together. Politics must be set aside.”

He said, "Benny Gantz needs to step on the brakes, he needs to stop the deterioration to elections and stop the unbridled attacks. It is not too late. The state must not be dragged into the politics of elections when the focus needs to be coronavirus, health, rebuilding livelihoods of all Israeli citizens.”

"I know it is possible. Until a year ago, I ran a government that lasted five full years, more than any other Israeli government, and brought great achievements. If Blue and White stops the process of dissolving the Knesset, there will be unity, but there can’t be unity if Blue and White establishes a government within a government.”

He criticized MKs Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid. "Unfortunately, Benny Gantz is being dragged after Lapid and Bennett because they have no problem. They do not care because they have no responsibility, so they are ready to drag us to another election and it is not responsible. The Israeli public wants responsibility, it wants unity. It wants a government that works together for it."