Yisrael Gantz, Nir Barkat
Yisrael Gantz, Nir BarkatBinyamin Spokesman

The Likud Zion and Jerusalem Forum hosted a tour of Amichai and area localities by Likud member and former Jerusalem Mayor MK Nir Barkat.

Barkat closely monitored the PA takeover of Area C and other areas and said for the first time that Israel could not abandon the area to the Palestinians.

"Symmetry should be applied in the open areas in both Area C and Area B. If we cannot build in the open area, the Palestinians cannot either," he declared.

"Today's tour showed me that we need to perform a large series of actions to make sure that in the open areas, both in Area C and in Area B and in Judea and Samaria in general, there is symmetry between the activities we do and those of the Palestinians. It cannot be that one side blatantly builds in the open spaces and the other side converges inward into the settlements. This is unthinkable," said Barkat.

He reminded: "In Jerusalem I was very strict about symmetry. What is good for Jews is good for Arabs. When you go up here you can also go up there. This symmetry is the key to success in looking ahead.

"I'm glad I was here today on the tour. I'm happy about the determination and what I saw. I will do everything I can with the tools I have, to see how they take the plan I made, the Barkat development plan for two million people for settlement. On this plan should now be added a second phase. Make sure the open spaces aren't no man's land. That Israelis and Palestinians use it appropriately - either no one uses or both sides use it symmetrically. This will be a key to what we need to do going forward," Barkat concluded.

ניר ברקת: "לעצור בנייה פלסטינית בשטחי B ו-C"באדיבות פורום ציון וירושלים