Policeman on hill overlooking Khan al Akhmar
Policeman on hill overlooking Khan al Akhmar Flash 90

After today’s High Court of Justice hearing on the Khan al Ahmar petition submitted by the Regavim Movement, the court granted the state another extension, giving Prime Minister Netanyah and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz another seven months to report on the status of the Palestinian Authority outpost in the Adumim Region (E1) east of Jerusalem.

The Regavim watchdog group, which monitors illegal Arab construction, responded to the HCJ decision in a statement Sunday.

“It’s convenient for Netanyahu to hide behind closed doors and use in camera hearings to avoid explaining to the Israeli public why he hasn’t lived up to his public pronouncements and to his commitment, reiterated countless times, to evacuate Khan al Ahmar. He owes the voters an explanation: Why was he able to evacuate Netiv HaAvot and Amona, but unable to deal with Khan al Ahmar or the Palestinian Authority?”