High school students in Tel Aviv take an exam, June 29, 2020.
High school students in Tel Aviv take an exam, June 29, 2020.Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

About 400,000 10th to 12th grade students will gradually begin returning this morning, Sunday, to schools in cities designated as having low coronavirus morbidity.

According to the outline of the Ministry of Education they will learn in classes of half the normal size for at least two days a week.

However the outline does not allow students to receive lessons in all the subjects for which they will be tested at the end of the year and leaves them to learn most of the subjects through ‘Zoom’ from home.

According to the outline for returning to studies formulated by the Ministry of Education together with the Ministry of Health, each student will be able to pass between only two capsules.

In high schools learning is based on academic subjects and levels and therefore the restrictions pose a problem for teaching these subjects within the school setting.

According to the guidelines, teachers are also limited to only 4 capsules, although on typical weekdays they teach more than 10 classes a day, equivalent to about 20 capsules.