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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Saturday night dismissed a lawsuit from US Rep. Mike Kelly and other Republicans, after they had tried to invalidate absentee voting and block the certification of votes, CNN reports.

The court was unanimous in deciding against Kelly and others, and refusing to block vote certification. Five of the seven judges wrote that they believed the lawsuit had been filed far too late, a year after absentee voting procedures had been established in the state and weeks after millions of Pennsylvanians voted in good faith.

"It is beyond cavil that Petitioners failed to act with due diligence in presenting the instant claim," the court wrote in its majority opinion.

The high court said the Republicans couldn't reconfigure their complaints and try again.

Saturday’s dismissal comes a day after a federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit by the Trump campaign over Pennsylvania's voting procedures.

That ruling upheld US District Judge Matthew Brann’s take on the Trump campaign’s complaint.

President Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that he will leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Biden, even though it would be a mistake.

He later accused the media of taking out of context his remarks during the press conference.

“I gave a long news conference today after wishing the military a Happy Thanksgiving, & realized once again that the Fake News Media coordinates so that the real message of such a conference never gets out. Primary point made was that the 2020 Election was RIGGED, and that I WON!” Trump tweeted late on Thursday night.