Rabbi David Yosef
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Council of Torah Sages member Rabbi David Yosef tested COVID-19 positive after feeling weak in recent days.

The rabbi's household said: "The rabbi was examined, and found positive for coronavirus; the rabbi's condition is good, Baruch Hashem. The rabbi is at home and continues with his daily routine as usual. The rabbi is being monitored by his personal doctor."

Rishon LeTzion Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef talked to his brother and wished him a complete recovery.

Rabbi David Yosef, a senior among haredi rabbis, was scrupulous to follow the Health Ministry orders and even called before Yom Kippur to close synagogues due to the spike in positive testing.

"From what we hear and see, the plague has reached terrible proportions. The cabinet is discussing the possibility of approving limited prayer outline in open areas.

"All synagogues and yeshivas should be closed immediately. Pray and study only in the open, such things have already been. In previous generations there were epidemics, the great men of Israel did it. It is a sacred duty for all of us to immediately close all synagogues, if possible, pray in the open space with masks and keep your distance, if not - pray alone. This also applies to Yom Kippur."

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