A rabbi was assaulted in Vienna, Austria Thursday evening, local police announced Friday morning.

The assailant, a woman roughly 50 years of age, is said to have suddenly rushed towards the rabbi while drawing a knife from her purse.

The woman kicked the rabbi, knocked a hat from his head and tore the rabbi’s kippah away while shouting anti-Semitic insults.

According a report by ORF, the woman screamed “Slaughter all Jews” during the attack.

After attacking the rabbi, the woman fled the scene.

Police launched a search for the assailant, but have yet to apprehend the suspect.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer castigated the incident, calling it an “attack on Jewish life in Vienna”.

“In addition to the increased protection of synagogues that has already been ordered, all measures are being taken to quickly clear up this apparently anti-Semitic attack,” Nehammer said, according to an AP report. “There is no tolerance for anti-Semitism, no matter whether it’s politically or religiously motivated.”

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