Flooding (archive)
Flooding (archive) Flash 90

A number of floods have developed since the morning in the Glilot and "Rabin" bases (the Kirya base in Tel Aviv). Damage was done to buildings and IT systems.

The IDF Spokesman said there was no damage to operational competence and that the treatment of the floods was ongoing.

Meanwhile, Namir Road and KKL-JNF Boulevard in north Tel Aviv were flooded at noon due to the heavy rains falling in the coastal area. The flooded roads are major traffic routes.

Earlier, rescue forces were called to evacuate dozens of children from kindergartens flooded in the city of Hod Hasharon. Drivers trapped in their vehicles following floods in the city were also rescued and water was pumped from parking lots.

Significant floods were recorded in other cities in the Sharon, including Raanana, Herzliya, and Ramat Hasharon, as well as in a large number of towns in these areas.

"The firefighters operated from last night yesterday in hundreds of incidents across the country, including 139 flooding incidents with houses, basements, underground parking lots, and vehicles. Most of the incidents took place in Hod Hasharon (Central District) and Herzliya (Dan District) where 52 civilians were rescued this morning," the firefighters said.