Tali Ploskov
Tali Ploskov Miriam Alster, Flash 90

New legislation aims to disqualify municipal officials who voiced support of terrorism or violence against Israel from holding public office, Israel Hayom reported.

The bill was submitted by Likud MK and Chairman of the Knesset Ethics Committee, Tali Ploskov, following a report by the Arab Desk of the Zionist watchdog organization Im Tirtzu that exposed a senior Nazareth city councilman who praised terrorists.

The bill, which is derived from section 7a of the Basic Law: The Knesset that disqualifies pro-terror candidates from running, would disqualify anyone who voiced support of terrorism from holding or running for municipal office.

According to the bill's initiators, in recent years there has been a growing number of municipal officials who have voiced support of terrorism.

For example, Haifa city councilman and member of the municipal defense committee Raja Za'atara voiced support for Hamas and Hezbollah and compared Zionism to ISIS; Shfaram mayor Ursan Yassin visited the home of a terrorist who sat in prison for 12 years; and Nazareth city councilman Ehab Dokhan praised terrorists on his Facebook page.

"Those who call for terrorism and show solidarity with terrorists silence those who work to integrate into Israeli society," said MK Ploskov. "They also create a false impression that calling to eliminate the state is just as legitimate as calling to integrate. That's why this law is so important."

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg said: "Israel needs to do all in its power to promote the integration of the Arab sector in Israeli society, and at the same time implement clear punishments for those who call to destroy it. This is the only way to bolster the moderate voices calling for integration, prosperity and coexistence."