Sara Neanyahu
Sara Neanyahu Flash 90

The Prime Minister's wife, Sara Netanyahu, recently started working from the Netanyahus’ private home on HaPortsim Street in Jerusalem, and asked the state to fund its expenses, Channel 13 News reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the home was deserted until a few weeks ago, when movement was recorded around it because the Prime Minister's wife had started working from it.

It was also reported that Sara Netanyahu asked that the possibility that the state would pay for the current expenses of the private home be examined. She received a “no” upon examination of the matter.

In addition, the report said, work is underway at the private home to build a special pavilion for security guards at a cost of tens of thousands of shekels at the expense of the state.

The Prime Minister's Office said in response, "Lies. All the accounts of the household are financed only by the Netanyahu family and no request was made regarding the expenses."

The Defense and Emergency Department stated, "The ongoing security operations are carried out according to security needs. There is a complete separation between the security expenses and the household expenses, which are all funded by the Netanyahu family."