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In November 1917 in Russia, Vladimir Lenin seized power as leader of the Bolshevik (Russian Social Democratic Labor) Party, even though the party had received less than 25% of the votes in the October national election. How did Lenin and his communist agents accomplish this feat?

Evangelist and author John L. Kachelman, Jr. recently posted an article in the Gateway Pundit called “Democrats Are Using Tactics of the Marxists of 1917 in Russia to Disrupt 2020 Election”. He explained how Lenin did it, highlighting ten Bolshevik strategies:

1) “Conducting years of preparatory work in misleading information and propaganda.” Now Americans are suffering the consequences of 50 years of infiltration by communist ideology into our public life, the educational and cultural instutions, the media, and the entertainment industries.

2) “Contesting voting results.” Now Americans are suffering the consequences of poorly conceived mail-in ballot systems and rogue, vote-manipulating software, designed to influence the outcome.

3) “Claiming the poor are being deprived of their votes.” Now Americans are suffering the consequences of using the COVID-19 pandemic to scare ‘poor’ voters into using mail-in ballots because voting in-person would be ‘too risky’.

4) “Extending voting timelines to two months.” Now Americans are suffering the consequences of arbitrary and unconstitutional extensions of voting deadlines in Pennsylvania and other key states.

5) “Initiating division through widespread violence and slander.” Now Americans are suffering the consequences of allowing Antifa and BLM, both unofficial shock troops for the Democrat Party, to thrive, riot, and spew hatred.

6) “Conducting delusional/cunning/conniving campaign with unrealistic promises.” Now Americans are suffering the consequences of promoting their socialist programs, like the Green New Deal, funding free college tuition, and pretending to root out the illusion of “systemic racism.”

7) “Stirring anger and mob violence against ‘privilege’, ‘possessions’, and ‘status’.” Now Americans are suffering the consequences of accepting BLM false narrative claims that whites are racist by definition, for which we must “apologize”.

8) “Deceptively persuading the ‘majority’ that they were robbed of their electoral victory.” Now Americans are suffering the consequences of purposely faked polls that forecasted a Biden victory by 10 points and the takeover of the Senate by 2-4 seats.

9) “Provoking a civil war at the end of the elections.” Now Americans are likely to suffer the consequences of an Antifa and BLM uprising, should Trump prove voter fraud and then go on to re-election.

10) “The dissolution of the old State and a ‘transformation’ of the new system promised to lead to real utopian socialism.” Instead, it produced the worst and longest-ruling tyranny in history.

Now we are supposed to believe that the false narrative quest for socialism/communism/equality/social-justice will lead to prosperity, for which there is no successful comparator in the history of the world. But, in reality, we may suffer the consequences of the left’s false promises that will “change America”, but for the worst.

In 1995, historian Dmitry Volkogonov in his book “Lenin: Life and Legacy”, added five more descriptions of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution:

1) “Lenin realized: ‘The main thing was to command huge virtually unwitting masses.” Now Americans have a hugely misinformed population, because of the sustained lies that have been broadcast by the mainstream media, television, and film.

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2) “The Party had to control a ‘national’ newspaper that could assign tasks from a central authority and serve as a tool of inducement.” Now Americans have the New York Times and the Washington Post.

3) Lenin argued that political work (community organizing) would stir up action to “support the unemployed movement, peasant revolts, discontent….and popular indignation.“ Now Americans have Barack Obama and his new generation of community organizers.

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4) Lenin also claimed that the manipulation of public opinion through propaganda meant “telling less than the truth, misleading and lying.”Now Americans have a mainstream media and social media acting as ‘thought police’. They are monitoring our language and censoring our social media posts.

5) “To increase their newspapers’ circulation, the Bolsheviks suppressed rivals by fomenting strikes, hijacking newsprint, and aggressively distributing their publications.” Now Americans have social media megacorps that are suppressing the conservative voices of those brave individuals who still believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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Adding up and analyzing these 15 historical Bolshevik (Russian) strategies, it is not difficult to recognize the Democrat Party’s disgraceful behavior in the 2020 elections. Add to these the Maoist (Chinese) strategies of shaming and intimidation inherent in Antifa and BLM, and it is not a stretch to identify Russian and Chinese direct and indirect influence on the Democrat Party.

These foreign influences are also apparent in the Democrat Party’s jettisoning of traditional American values, which include belief in G-d, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. They could not have gotten as far as they did without the complicity of most of the traditional media and social media.

In view of these events and the unfolding revelations of massive and widespread voting fraud, did the US have a free and fair election on November 3, 2020? The answer is clearly “no”!

President Trump’s legal team thinks that Biden’s campaign stole between two and five million votes. However, they must now prove his case in court.

This roller coaster ride is far from over. So buckle up and hold on tight!

Kenneth Abramowitz is founder of Save the West. which includes Ken’s Thought of the Week :