Gantz and Nissenkoran
Gantz and NissenkoranYisrael Hadari

As the political system deals with the realistic possibility of early elections, the Likud has conveyed messages to Blue and White that the government can continue to operate for a long time but under certain conditions.

Channel 12 News’ political analyst Amit Segal reported on Monday that according to the Likud's proposal, which was passed on by a third party, the Blue and White Party is asked to give up on the rotation agreement and remove Minister Avi Nissenkorn from the Ministry of Justice, at which point an election would be avoided.

The Blue and White Party said in response that they have never received such an offer, and if such an offer had come, they would have told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to sign a plea deal and vacate his seat for Gantz.

The report comes amid high tensions between the Likud and Blue and White following Defense Minister Benny Gantz's decision to establish a committee of inquiry into the submarine affair.

Earlier on Monday, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri criticized Gantz over the move and said, “As a very senior member of the Defense Cabinet and as someone who has been with several Prime Ministers and Defense Ministers in Israeli governments for many years, I can unfortunately determine that the Defense Minister crossed a red line due to political considerations.”