The IDF today continues to investigate the overturned tank incident at Tavatz Base in the Jordan Valley, where a tank slid off a tank carrier and overturned.

Journalist Tal Lev Ram reports that soldiers claim that about a month ago, as part of reserve battalion training, soldiers warned of a stuck gas pedal in the tank that overturned yesterday, but nevertheless the problem has apparently not been fixed.

A stuck gas pedal can cause a motor-propelled vehicle to lurch, independent of its operator's will.

In the video, the tank motor can be heard racing as an observer repeats, "It's in neutral, it's in neutral."

The IDF Spokesman stated in response that the incident in question is under investigation by commanders and professionals authorized to do so and is still in progress.

In addition, a Military Police investigation was opened on the subject, the findings of which will be submitted for examination by the military prosecutor's office. No further details about the investigation can be provided at this stage.

In the initial interrogation, the driver, a 24-year-old reservist, said that the gas pedal had a proclivity to become stuck. The driver suffered minor injuries and is receiving treatment at hospital.