Chief Rabbi Lau
Chief Rabbi LauSpokesman

Israel Chief Rabbi David Lau today addressed Defense Minister Benny Gantz following the evacuation of the yeshiva in Homesh by the army, during which the Holy Ark that houses the Torah scrolls was destroyed and desecrated.

After the evacuation of the yeshiva and destruction of the Ark, Homesh's yeshiva head turned to the Chief Rabbi to request his involvement.

In a letter titled "Serious Damage and Desecration of the Holy Ark," the Chief Rabbi wrote to the Defense Minister that "pictures of a desecrated ark and holy books rolling on the floor are difficult sights unworthy of a Jewish State, and in no way should these sights be repeated."

The Chief Rabbi added in his letter that he will refrain from discussing the considerations that guided the army in evacuating the place, but refers only to the form of evacuation that caused severe damage to sacred objects.