Yair Netanyahu
Yair NetanyahuFlash 90

Former Mossad chief and retired Maj. Gen. Danny Yatom condemned the Prime Minister's son's remarks regarding the attack on the bereaved family in Caesarea.

"I served alongside and loved the late Yoni, I commanded and appreciated Bibi's abilities, I do not know and do not want to know the ugly Israeli, Yair," wrote Danny Yatom.

The Prime Minister's son, Yair Netanyahu, also launched a personal attack on Channel 12 News correspondent Yair Sherki on Wednesday. Sherki tweeted against Netanyahu and called him a "rude brat" for supporting protesters against the Farkash family, a bereaved family, instead of apologizing and condemning them.

Yair Netanyahu sharply attacked Sherki and called him: "You're a zero, piece of nothing, subservient to your master Avi Weiss the devil, and you'd sell your mother for a caress from him and Amnon Abramovitch."