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Those who cheat and lie usually justify it as redress for some, usually imagined, wrong. In their own minds, they are the truth-tellers, the intelligent, and, yes, the “elites”.

They are the virtue-signallers and the most (supposedly) virtuous among them tell the biggest lies.

If people get away with lying about one or two things, it seems that makes it easier to lie about other things, especially if corrupt media or political parties readily accept and promote their lies. Query whether serial liars are more open to lying about the Jewish people and/or Israel? What do we know about the neuroscience of lying and how can we apply this to anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism?

In a psychological study headed by Bruno Verschuere of Ghent University in Belgium and reported by Anil Ananthaswamy in NewScientist in February 2011, scientists tested the theory that our brains are naturally better at telling the truth than lying, but repeated lying can overcome our tendency for veracity, making subsequent lying easier – and possibly undetectable.

Ananthaswamy notes that neuroimaging studies have shown that people’s brains show considerably more activity when they are lying than when they are not, particularly in the prefrontal cortex, suggesting that lying requires extra cognitive control and inhibition of truth-telling

The American Democrats during the four years of the Trump administration used every means at hand, such as fake Russian collusion investigations and corrupt impeachment charges, to cause otherwise good people to do bad things - like holding an unfair election and tainted procedures.
The scientists studied whether the brain’s so-called “dominant truth response” can be changed, The researchers found that the frequent liars became more adept at lying. The normal difference in reaction times between telling the truth and lying disappeared.

Ewout Meijer of Maastricht University in the Netherlands states : “In people who lie a lot in real life [such as pathological liars], this dominant truth response might not be as strong as we theorise,”

In a study published in Nature Neuroscience, and reported by Alice Park in October, 2016 in Time magazine, Tali Sharot from the department of experimental psychology at University College London and her colleagues devised a study to test people’s dishonest tendencies while scanning their brains in an fMRI machine.

They found that when people were dishonest, activity in a part of the brain called the amygdala—the hub of emotional processing and arousal—changed. In their tests of subjects who were lying, the more they lied, the less activated the amygdala was on the fMRI. The study seems to show that lying triggers emotional arousal and activates the amygdala, but with each additional lie, the arousal and conflict of telling an untruth diminishes, making it easier to lie.

The American Democrats during the four years of the Trump administration used every means at hand, such as fake Russian collusion investigations and corrupt impeachment charges, to cause otherwise good people to do bad things - like holding an unfair election and tainted procedures. It is easier to act immorally when those surrounding you feel and do the same, and psychologically the brain chemistry may make additional lies easier.. Republican lawyers have announced that they have over 900 affidavits sworn by witnesses about breach of procedures in the recent election voting.

The American “elites” were judged adversely by the “regular” people who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. The regular people rejected corrupt Hillary Clinton, who not only lied to but stole from the American people and who was behind the actual Russian collusion. She insulted them as “deplorables”. Joe Biden called pro-Trumpers “chumps”.

The reaction of the political, bureaucratic, media and academic elites was to double down on their efforts to subvert American democracy by using a range of tactics to drive Trump from office. And so we watched an expensive and unfair Mueller investigation which rejected the false Democratic party allegations, and then the ridiculous impeachment proceeding, taking up an inordinate amount of time and efforts by the political class and their media enablers.

The elites felt justified in any action, in any lie, in any illegality (such as false FISA warrants to spy on the administration) including a corrupt prosecution of three star general, Michael Flynn. Is there any doubt that these same elites would arrange for corrupted votes in the Dominion Voting Systems hardware and software? I have no inside knowledge but it is a fair question, and the neuroscience says we should judge the veracity of the elites by the number of times they lied in the past. For example, Joe Biden seems not to care that he blatantly lied about whether he was involved with his son Hunter’s corrupt business practices in Ukraine and China. We know he lied about his role due to information found on Hunter’s laptop and information from ex-business partner Tony Bobolinsky.

Even Jewish politicians joined this sad game: Adam Schiff promised but lied that he had proof of Russian collusion and made up a story about an unnamed whistleblower. Jerry Nadler said that violent

The failure of the mainstream media to advocate for truth rather than political power, will be a sad commentary on America in 2020.
protests were a “myth” no matter that we could see them in real time videos. Richard Blumenthal, seemingly undeterred by his record of lying about military service in Vietnam, believes that we accept his current statements as truthful.

Jewish opinion columnists like Roger Cohen, Thomas Friedman and Michele Goldberg in the New York Times felt justified in joining in the hiding of the Biden father and son corruption scandal although there was solid evidence from Bobolinsky and others.

Mark Zuckerberg and other high tech billionaires set themselves up as arbiters of truth, entitled to control freedom of speech and thought on their vast platforms.

“The Big Lie” is a concept that says that historically, the bigger the lie the more likely it is to be accepted by the people. Hitler convinced the German people that Jews were devils and each and every Jew, including children, had to be murdered in both public executions and gas chambers. The New York Times put that on page 13 or thereabouts.

The attack on American fundamental constitutional liberties, along with the norms of a fair election process by Democratic Party operatives, is a very big story; however you will look in vain for coverage of it in the New York Times.

If the mainstream media does not see fit to cover the Antifa attacks on peaceful Trump supporters in a mass demonstration in Washington, that is because they have convinced themselves that Trump is a hateful racist, notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary.

Promoting lies against politicians helps prepare the way for promoting lies against Jews. Those who hate America will also hate the Jews because America was founded with a Judeo-Christian ethic, emphasizing liberty and justice and personal responsibility.

The Democrats in their attempt to take down President Trump have resorted to calling him a racist and some have gone so far as to call him a Nazi. Anyone who convinces himself that Trump is a Nazi serves to justifiy any course of conduct against the President. Similarly, we have Islamists and anti-Israel leftists calling Israel a racist, genocidal and apartheid nation, which again is an attempt to justify all means of persecution from BDS to hateful U.N. resolutions to support of Iran which has pledged to destroy Israel.

Dry Bones is an Israeli political cartoon strip by Yaakov Kirschen published in the Jerusalem Post since 1973. One of my favorites has a man asking a woman why the whole world wants to pressure Israel and use a double standard against it. The woman replies that it is “simple”: “We gave the world the Bible, the Ten Commandments and the concept of Good and Evil”. And she concludes, “And they have never forgiven us for it.”

The admission by Democrats that they would “pack” the Supreme Court by adding a group of left-leaning Justices and add States and modify the Constitution for short-term political advantage, was enabled by a mainstream media which rejected its important role of investigation of the truth, in favour of becoming the public relations branch of the Democratic Party.

Cody Flecker, an American/German Jewish commentator with a large following on Facebook, has written: “Looking at the videos on Breitbart last night that dealt with the aftermath of the Trump rally in Washington DC, (November 14, 2020) I was somewhat shocked at the way some of the Trump supporters were treated by the mobs of men and woman who were obviously BLM and Antifa supporters. What bothered me was the viciousness of the mob especially to people who were simply walking home or to their cars and other transportation and who were attacked with all sorts (of) punches including sucker punches...

“Attacking Senior Citizens along with attacks on younger people carrying children goes beyond the pale of an honest counter demonstration... After viewing these videos I was reminded of movie clips taken by the Germans of them attacking Jews in pre-war Nazi Germany. The people and time has changed, but the actions of the mob has not.”

And how many in the mainstream media even covered this story? There are lies of commission and lies of omission.

It seems that once the truth of a matter becomes irrelevant, the deniers of truth become totalitarian in their methods of shunning that truth. The failure of the mainstream media to advocate for truth rather than political power, will be a sad commentary on America in 2020. All truth is made relative to one’s narrative or one’s culture or color. If one can say publicly that Black Lives Matter but are not allowed to say that All Lives Matter, then that is the first step in the abuse of morality in saying Jewish Lives Don’t Matter.

Isn’t that the essence of anti-Israelism? During the Holocaust there was an alliance between the Nazis and the Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem; he resided in Berlin from November 1941 until the defeat of the Nazis. Edy Cohen writing in Jerusalem Post on April 7, 2014, states:

“Haj Amin Husseini was preparing to enter Jerusalem at the head of the Muslim Arab Legion squadron he’d created for the army of the Third Reich. The mufti’s grand plan was to build huge Auschwitz- like crematoria near Nablus, to which Jews from Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and North Africa would be sent and then be gassed, just like the Jews were by the SS in Europe.”

This fact is so little discussed because it is inconvenient for the ant-Israel anti-Semites. When facts don’t matter, tolerance of small lies grows into tolerance for big lies. When tolerance trumps justice, one gets into the evil ideology of tolerism, which I write about in my book, Tolerism: The Ideology Revealed.

A quotation of unknown origin (sometimes incorrectly attributed to George Orwell) states that: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Hollywood has few revolutionaries. The world of music has few brave revolutionaries, but the Jewish Bob Dylan is one. He wrote and performed a song, “License to Kill” back in the early 1980s, that attempted to educate the world about the lying nature of Islamist terrorists in Israel and elsewhere:

Man thinks 'cause he rules the earth he can do with it as he please
And if things don't change soon, he will ...

Now, there's a woman on my block
She just sit there as the night grows still
She say who gonna take away his license to kill?

Now, they take him and they teach him and they groom him for life
And they set him on a path where he's bound to get ill
Then they bury him with stars
Sell his body like they do used cars ...

Now, he's hell-bent for destruction, he's afraid and confused
And his brain has been mismanaged with great skill
All he believes are his eyes
And his eyes, they just tell him lies

But there's a woman on my block
Sitting there in a cold chill
She say who gonna take away his license to kill?

...Now he worships at an altar of a stagnant pool
And when he sees his reflection, he's fulfilled
Oh, man is opposed to fair play
He wants it all and he wants it his way

Now, there's a woman on my block
She just sit there as the night grows still
She say who gonna take away his license to kill?

The question is, however, will the revolution of the liars defeat the revolution of the truth-tellers? For Jews everywhere this is not a hypothetical question; it is a matter of life and death. The hatred of the Biblical people who stand for morality is the natural next step for those who hate morality, including truth-telling, and hate the Torah commandments of what is good and what is evil.

Howard Rotberg is a retired lawyer and the author of four books on ideologies and values: The Second Catastrophe: A Novel about a Book and its Author; Exploring Vancouverism: The Political Culture of Canada’s Lotus Land; Tolerism: The Ideology Revealed; and The Ideological Path to Submission... and what we can do about it. He writes also for various magazines such as Frontpage Magazine, New English Review, and Israel National News. He is the president of Canada’s sole conservative values and pro-Israel publishing house, Mantua Books, and lives in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.