Police on Temple Mount (illustrative)
Police on Temple Mount (illustrative) Flash 90

The Southern District Attorney's Office today filed an indictment in the Beer Sheva District Court against Walid Abu Madiam, a 20-year-old resident of Rahat, who tried to carry out a Temple Mount attack about two weeks ago.

Abu Madiam arrived in the Old City of Jerusalem armed with a knife and screwdriver, and was on his way to the Temple Mount to carry out an Islamic attack and die as a "martyr".

The indictment attributes to Abu Madiam the commission of offenses of "attempted murder which is an act of terror" and possession of a knife.

According to the facts of the indictment, following anger that Abu Madiam developed towards Jewish security personnel, he formulated the decision to carry out an attack on Jewish policemen on the Temple Mount and die as a "martyr".

On November 6, Abu Madiam decided to carry out the plan of the attack that night, and cause the death of a policeman or a soldier by stabbing him in the neck with a knife.

Before leaving for Jerusalem, Abu Madiam approached his wife, told her about his plan to carry out an attack, said goodbye to her, and asked her not to tell anyone about the plan. His wife tried to dissuade him from his plan, but to no avail. Abu Madiam equipped himself with an Exacto knife, called a friend, and asked him to do him a favor and drive him to Jerusalem to pray. He even sought to purchase pepper gas and a knife, but did not find it that night.

During the trip, Abu Madiam's behavior aroused the suspicion of the friend, who asked him if he was planning to carry out an attack. Abu Madiam replied in the affirmative and then the friend stopped the vehicle and told him to get down and think again about his actions.

Abu Madiam responded by saying that he laughed, and that he was traveling to Jerusalem in order to harm anyone who had harmed his wife's honor, which persuaded the friend to continue the trip. Meanwhile, he took a screwdriver out of a cell in the car and hid it in his clothes, did not answer calls and messages from his wife, and even wrote to her that if she found out about his planning, she would be deported.

The indictment states that the friend drove Abu Madiam to the Nablus gate, "Bab al-Amud", where he got out of the vehicle around 1:00 at night and began walking the streets of the Old City until he reached the Lions Gate, looking for the direction from which he could reach the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. However, police officers who were patrolling the place noticed him and he was arrested.

The prosecution seeks to detain the defendant until the end of the legal proceedings against him.