PM Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke Thursday during the latter's visit to Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu praised the Trump administration for its promotion of Middle East peace initiatives.

"The peace process with Arab states has succeeded only in the merit of the great efforts expended by the Trump administration," Netanyahu said.

Mike Pompeo discussed the impact of Trump's policies on the Middle East. "I remember the stories saying that if we moved the embassy there would be war - instead there was peace."

"The peace that we achieved is Historic," he said, and mentioned "recognizing the reality of Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel," noting it is "crazy that the US hadn't done this for decades".

He also said "I'm proud of the 3 Abraham Accords, and confident there will be more."

Pompeo declared that the United States will officially view the global anti-BDS campaign against Israel as anti-Semitic and stop support for such for such groups.

"We want to recognize the BDS movement for the cancer that it is", he added.

NGO Monitor responded to Pompeo's statements regarding BDS: "The equating of BDS with anti-Semitism echoes the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism, which defines attempts to deny 'the Jewish people their right to self-determination' and apply 'double standards' as anti-Semitic."

"Combating anti-Semitism and ending the exploitation of universal human rights are both issues of great importance, and the need to address these objectives should transcend political divisions. In this context, NGO Monitor has called for governments, as well as NGOs, to adopt the IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism."

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