A number of Knesset members recorded video greetings in honor of Chabad (Lubavitch) Shluchim (emissaries). The videos were compiled into a video which was featured as part of the event held by the “Messianic” branch of Chabad-Lubavitch. The event took place at the same time of the annual 'Kinus' grand event of the official international Chabad headquarters.

This year’s Shluchim Conference was held entirely online, via Zoom, uniting the almost 5,000 emissaries around the world.

The 'Messianic' branch holds its own event around the same time each year, apparently leading to the error. According to the MKs the request was made under the heading, “Production of the Global 'Kinus' Gathering of Emissaries”. One official said to Arutz Sheva: "They simply lied to us".

However, a source from the office of one of the participants told Arutz Sheva there was no deception at play. "There were no attempts to fool anyone", he said, "The greetings were intended for Chabad emissaries regardless of the group's internal disputes or reason for the matter at hand."

All the same, it is clear from the words of greeting spoken by some of the Knesset members that their intention was to address the main gathering and not that of the parallel group – such as their reference to the traditional photograph taken of the thousands of emissaries outside 770, Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights.

Video clips taken from the event make no attempt to conceal the nature of their beliefs, with their slogans, “The Rebbe is the Melech Hamoshiach,” (the King Messiah) and “Long live our master, the Melech Hamoshiach,” in prominent display.

The messages from Knesset members were broadcast to this event, including those from MK Naftali Bennett, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, Education Minister Yoav Galant, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, Opposition head MK Yair Lapid, MK Amir Peretz, and deputy Education Minister Meir Porush.

In response to the publication of the video of the MKs, an official from the office of one of the participants in the video told Arutz Sheva: "There was no deception, the greetings were sent as a salute to Chabad emissaries no matter who they are, without addressing the internal disputes and the group behind the Kinus or the concerned broadcast."