the map Ambassador Erdan presented to the Security Council
the map Ambassador Erdan presented to the Security Council spokesperson

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated in a report to the Security Council that Hezbollah's armament was in violation of Resolution 1701 and that the Lebanese government must act to correct the situation.

One of the central points of the report is that the Lebanese government is required to give UNIFIL force access to the terrorist tunnels and to act to disarm Hezbollah.

Following the submission of the report on Resolution 1701 report by the UN Secretary General, Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, wrote an official letter to the UN Security Council demanding immediate action against the continued procurement of armaments by of Hezbollah and the disarmament of the terrorist organization.

The council will today discuss a report on the implementation of the decision made at the end of the Second Lebanon War (1701), which criticizes Hezbollah's armed activities in Lebanon.

"Hezbollah uses human shields to protect its arsenal of more than 130,000 rockets and military infrastructure. It systematically deprives UNIFIL of its ability to discharge its mandate by restricting the organization’s freedom of movement in an effort to hide its activity," Erdan wrote in his letter.

Ambassador Erdan added: "The Security Council must declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization immediately and not allow it to receive any direct or indirect assistance."

Erdan also provided council members with a special map prepared by the IDF, marking the areas where terrorist tunnels were discovered, sites from which attacks against Israel and "Green without Borders" observation posts (a fictitious Hezbollah organization that collects intelligence on IDF soldiers). The map also indicates the places where the access of UNIFIL soldiers was blocked, as was explained in the Secretary General's reports. The proximity between the areas where there is terrorist activity and the places where the movement of UNIFIL forces is restricted can be clearly seen.