Gerrer Rebbe (seated, center)
Gerrer Rebbe (seated, center)Yaakov Nehumi, Flash90

The schism in the Ger Chassidus is becoming ever more entrenched. A young man who entered the main synagogue of the Chassidus in Jerusalem on Monday was apparently severely beaten by several of those present, resulting in his hospitalization.

Sources with the Chassidus related that the young man had attempted to create a provocation, entering the building with a canister of tear gas. However, the young man himself protested that nothing of the sort occurred, and that he was attacked simply because he numbers among those who have joined the breakaway Chassidic group founded by the Gerrer Rebbe’s cousin, Rabbi Shaul Alter. He admitted having tear gas in his possession, but said that the canister was in his pocket and that he had not intended to remove it.

In an interview he granted to the Haredim 10 media channel, he related: “I come to see the Gerrer Rebbe regularly, and have been doing so for years, in order to ask his advice on various issues. Yesterday, I came to ask him a question about my daughter, who is under sedation in hospital.”

He described how he attempted to enter the synagogue, but was told by some of those present that he should leave, without being told why. When he insisted on entering, he was attacked.

“I called the police, and they said they were on their way. They kept attacking me, and then one of the leaders of the ‘terrorists’ there arrived and then they threw me on the ground and kept hitting and kicking me. Then one of them said, ‘Grab his belongings,’ and they took my yarmulke, my hat, and my tear gas. I always carry tear gas with me,” he explained, “ever since I was once almost lynched in east Jerusalem.”

He added that, “They also took my glasses, my cell phone, and everything else I had with me. Then a security guard arrived, and he took me outside. I asked him to bring me my belongings, but they told me, ‘Forget it – you’re not coming in here again – we’ll kill you if you do.’”

When the police arrived, he added, “They drove away my attackers. I now have a broken nose, and wounds all over my body.”