A Fox News reporter who went out to report flooding in North Carolina nearly drowned when the rain suddenly collapsed a bridge right next to her.

Amber Roberts, a 46-year-old Fox reporter, set out with her camera crew to shoot a routine article about the floods in North Carolina. As part of the filming of the article, Amber stood on one of the bridges in the area and reported that the entire bridge was flooded and even starting to sink following the rains.

The article, which was broadcast live, shows Amber standing on the bridge and suddenly shouting that it is "really scary" and running away when the bridge below her collapses. Luckily for Amber, she managed to escape the collapsing bridge and even continued to broadcast the report.

After the bridge collapsed, the stunned Amber told the camera that the bridge had collapsed exactly where it was a few seconds ago and that she was "thanking G-d" for escaping in time.

After the incident, Amber posted on social media that she was grateful that she and the camera crew survived. She also told the news that although she found herself in a frightening situation, she managed to stay calm and escape quickly from the bridge. In closing, she said she sends her prayers to anyone affected by the floods.