BennettFlash 90

1. Study outdoors. In Israel there are only about 50 rainy days a year. Most days of the year there is no problem studying outside. In the school yard, in the public parks, in the neighborhood, in the woods. What an opportunity to breathe air!

Get to know the heritage of the local city. Organize meetings with city veterans, get to know historical points, get exploration assignments.

3. Travel around the country. In Israel there are many dozens of hiking schools and field schools. They stand empty. What an opportunity to get to know the country. Much cheaper than losing parents' work days. This is how we build confidence and learn to love our country.

4. Connect youth movements and non-formal education with schools. Enrichment classes, tutorials, activities. What we always wanted. Unfortunately, the government tore non-formal education from the Ministry of Education and transferred it to the Ministry of Water to appease politicians. What a criminal decision. Informal education must be returned immediately to its natural home — the education system.

5. Reduce compulsory subjects. Nothing will happen if they focus on 4-5 basic subjects, and this year they should allow every principal, and every teacher, the flexibility.

6. Reduce the number of matriculations. Also in matriculation - set now (not another half year) 4-5 subjects and give up the rest, thus not harming the level. Better quality focus in fewer areas, than mediocrity in all.

7. Volunteer in the community. How much youth can help. Deliveries, maintaining contact (remotely) with the elderly population, assistance to the Home Front Command and the municipality, volunteering at Magen David Adom or an organization such as Latet or Leket Yisrael - believe me, the children will benefit much more from this.

8. Shifts by the hour. If capsules are needed, they can be divided into two shifts. From 08:00 to 11:30, from 12:30 to 16:00. The main thing is to be together.

9. Individual study and tutoring. What an opportunity this is to study with chavruta. In pairs, in threes. In small groups with close accompaniment. What a leap can be made.

10. Volunteer with farmers. Working the land. Like when we were kids. It is possible through organizations like Hashomer Hahadash.

11. Collaboration with municipal libraries. Strengthen the love of the book and reading.