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The delegation from the Shomron (Samaria) to Dubai, last week to “create economic engines of growth and exports and business leverage at the level of the localities and at the level of industry” looks promising.

How refreshing to see some balance finally coming into the equation of Arab-Israeli relations. Hundreds of Jewish companies in the Shomron’s industrial sector will, with G-d’s help, gain substantially from the new business ties being formed, as a result of the Abraham Accords.

Pacts between Israel and her neighbors that pursue and advance mutual interests in areas such as water use, the environment and health, business, and improving standards of living are praiseworthy endeavors.

Still, these pioneering treaties need to be amended immediately to make it absolutely clear that neither now nor at any future point will the State of Israel agree to suspend, withdraw or drop sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, the Temple Mount or, in fact, over any part of the Land of Israel. Any suggestion, hint, or reference to establishing a Palestinian State on the Land of Israel must be deleted.

The fact that the very first collaboration taking place between Israel and the UAE is made up of representatives from the Shomron should be more than enough to prove how valuable settlement in Judea and Samaria is to the State of Israel. Yet the Abraham Accords, an offshoot of the Deal of the Century, bars, in sentiment and deed, any outward expansion of settlements past current fences, let alone the building of new towns or cities.

Such stipulations also keep in place a policy of discrimination against the more than 400,000 strong Jewish residents who live there, denying them the same civil and human rights their compatriots on the other side of the so-called Green Line automatically enjoy.

Though they share the country's tax burden and serve in the army, the denial of equal rights often translates into less or no access to infrastructure, housing, roads, or security.

What justification could there possibly be for the State of Israel refusing to hook up Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria to the national electric and water grids? By a miracle, no one died or was hurt on October 22nd in a fire that burned to the ground a home in Havat Gilad because of a short in the makeshift local electrical system. See:

We ask Prime Minister Netanyahu and the designers of Peace to Prosperity and the Abraham Accords: What has one got to do with the other?

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas reject each and every silver-platter peace plan handed to them, carry out murderous terror attacks in return and rather than put to good use the billions of dollars in aid Qatar, the EU and unfortunately (until Trump) the US send them anyway, they take it to reward their people fpr murdering our fellow Jews.

It’s time to end the discrimination against Jews who reside in Judea and Samaria.

While we’re on the topic of righting wrongs, we know of only one peace plan that seeks to release the Arab sector in Judea and Samaria from having to remain hostage to the tyranny and corruption in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Zehut’s Diplomatic and Security Peace Plan, THE ONE STATE SOLUTION, frees not only Jews but also Arabs from the failed policies of the past. Beginning with reaffirming that G-d Almighty gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish People as an eternal inheritance, Zehut lays out a pragmatic plan to bring an end to Arab terrorism and the conflict and offers Palestinians a basket of options to choose from vis a vis their future in the State of Israel.

In our opinion, Israeli sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel ultimately also improves the outcome of agreements like the Abraham Accords.

But there is another reason to amend the Abraham Accords: the possibility of the Biden/Harris ticket being ushered into the White House in January.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s possible embrace of the Two-State Solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state, particularly under the parameters of the Deal of Century, will hold Israel’s feet to the fire under a Biden presidency.

A summary of Biden and Harris’ history with respect to Israel by author Edward Davis stands in stark contrast to the genuine friendship shown by President Trump to American Jews and the State of Israel.

President Trump merits our lasting admiration for recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, recognizing Israel’s capital in Jerusalem and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, and, finally, directing the State Department to recognize “Jerusalem, Israel” as the place of birth on passports for Americans born there.

Shifting towards full sovereignty, even unofficially, stands a far better chance of transpiring with President Trump at the helm - thus it is our fervent hope he retains the office.

In the meantime, we will conclude with a word from the Lubavitcher Rebbe:

“In Parsahas (the Torah portion) Lech Lecha G-d said to Avraham: "To your progeny, I have given this Land. Arise and traverse the length and breadth of the Land” – meaning, the Rebbe explains, that we should inhabit all of the territories of the Land of Israel, especially those in dispute.”

“The Nations know only too well in their heart of hearts this is the truth.”

“When the government of Israel adopts this policy, not only will the Nations not protest (and certainly there will no be casualties), no Jew will be killed or even injured, G-d Forbid, but to the contrary: “All the Nations will sing unto G-d, all the peoples will praise Him because G-d’s overwhelming kindness shields us.” (Psalms 117)

“By taking this path, G-d states: “And, I will give peace upon the Land and you will lie down and none will be afraid” for all the blessings enumerated in the Torah will culminate in G-d’s assurance “and I will lead you upright.” (The Rebbe speaking from his room shortly after suffering a heart attack, Motzei Shabbos, Parshas Lech Lecha, November 1977).


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