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US President Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday dropped a major part of a lawsuit in which it sought to halt Pennsylvania from certifying its results in the presidential election, Reuters reports.

In an amended complaint filed in federal court, the Trump campaign dropped a claim that election officials unlawfully blocked observers from watching the counting of mail-in ballots in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

The lawsuit now focuses on a claim that Democratic-leaning counties unlawfully allowed voters to fix errors in their mail-in ballots in violation of state law, according to Reuters.

The Trump campaign continues to seek a court order blocking the Pennsylvania secretary of state from ratifying the result.

Earlier on Sunday, Trump appeared to concede the 2020 presidential election to former Vice President Joe Biden.

“He won because the Election was Rigged,” Trump tweeted.

“NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!” he added

Later, however, Trump released a new series of tweets, saying that he had not conceded the race and adding that he would ultimately prevail.

"RIGGED ELECTION. WE WILL WIN! He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!" he wrote.

On Sunday night, Trump hinted he would soon file “big cases” challenging the 2020 election results.

“Many of the court cases being filed all over the Country are not ours, but rather those of people that have seen horrible abuses. Our big cases showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 Election, & the outrage of things that were done to change the outcome, will soon be filed!” he wrote on Twitter.

Several hours later, Trump added a lengthier tweet on the topic.

“Why does the Fake News Media continuously assume that Joe Biden will ascend to the Presidency, not even allowing our side to show, which we are just getting ready to do, how badly shattered and violated our great Constitution has been in the 2020 Election. It was attacked perhaps like never before!” he wrote.

“From large numbers of Poll Watchers that were thrown out of vote counting rooms in many of our States, to millions of ballots that have been altered by Democrats, only for Democrats, to voting after the Election was over, to using Radical Left owned Dominion Voting Systems, turned down by Texas and many others because it was not good or secure, those responsible for the safeguarding of our Constitution cannot allow the Fake results of the 2020 Mail-In Election to stand. The World is watching!” added Trump.