Lion's Gate (archive)
Lion's Gate (archive)Flash 90

Two young Jews of about 19 years of age were attacked while walking from the Lions Gate to the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem last Saturday night.

A group of Arabs attacked the pair with stones and blocks.

Advocate Haim Bleicher of the Honenu legal organization, which assists the victims, contacted the Jerusalem police demanding that the incident be treated as a severe incident. "On Saturday night, my client walked from the Lions' Gate to the Western Wall through the cemetery path near the Golden Gate. Four minorities were walking in the opposite direction at the time, when suddenly two of them approached my client, and one of them attacked my client with a strong elbow blow to his ribs."

"My client started walking away from the place, when suddenly a barrage of stones was thrown at them by the above boys. One of the stones hit my client in the back and caused severe pain," Bleicher described.

Bleicher further described that blocks were also thrown at the boys, "the stone volley became stronger as well as the size of the stones, and when my client noticed that one of the attackers was throwing a block, a large stone in his hands - they ran faster until they were out of danger. My client felt he was in serious and immediate danger. But miraculously the stones did not cause a fatal blow, as has unfortunately been proven possible from past experience."

In conclusion, Bleicher asked the police "to collect as soon as possible documentation from the security cameras / road in the area of ​​the incident and on the road leading to it. In addition, I will ask them to carry out intelligence operations as necessary to capture the terrorists."

The young men who were attacked expressed hope that the terrorists would be caught soon. "We were afraid for our lives. I've been through other such stone-throwing incidents, but it was never at that level," said one of the boys who was attacked, "there was a sense of danger to our lives. I will not go back there alone in those hours because of the fear."