Prof Ash
Prof AshDaphna Gazit

An associate of the new coronavirus czar Prof Nachman Ash, who steps into the position Friday, told the Israel Hayom newspaper that he may submit his first dramatic recommendation in the next two weeks and that it will be a third closure. "He will have very significant recommendations soon," the source estimated. .

"He very much believes in lockdowns - and that's the opposite of [outgoing corona czar] Ronni [Gamzu]. He is conservative in that respect, and believes that that is the solution, believes that there is no escape from a third lockdown. That the vaccine and cutting off the chain of infection are not enough to lower morbidity, and will not happen now."

"Unlike Prof. Gamzu, Prof. Ash has no plans to enter the political aspect," the source added. "Ronni had contact with ministers and MKs and Nachman wants to distance himself from that. He will give his professional recommendations - but in the ministerial cabinet he will leave the stage to the Minister of Health. He will not take credit from him. He sees that Yuli Edelstein is working to block the easing in restrictions hard."

Sources who spoke with Prof. Ash this week stated that he tries to hear as many opinions as possible, but nevertheless mentioned a dominant name with whom he usually consults: Prof. Gabi Barbash, who resigned a few months ago, and was replaced by Prof. Gamzu.